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Pamper those Winter Tired Feet


Not only do your feet need to look fantastic for the summer sandal season, but they need care in the winter as well.  Dry winter climates remove the moisture from your skin, including your feet.

So take some time and give them some love!  Start out with a nice long foot soak in a warm foot bath, then pat dry.

Remove any nail polish and allow your toenails a little breathing time for a few hours.  Apply some cuticle oil or coconut oil to the cuticles and even the nails.

Next step is a good exfoliator.  Scrub all areas, especially the ball of the foot and the heels.  These are areas that can be rough from callouses and need extra attention.  Finish with a pumice stone to really smooth out that skin.

Lastly and most importantly, use a thick and rich moisturizer to lock in moisture.  Coconut oil and Vitamin E are great ingredients to look for in your cream. Apply and allow to really soak in. 

If your feet are extremely dry, cracked and flaky try lathering on that thick cream or even cocoa butter or coconut oil before bedtime.  Put on a pair of thick cotton socks and leave on overnight, the oils will go to work overnight for softer and smoother feet.

Your feet will thank you for all the extra attention!

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